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DOE-Battelle Prime Contract
US Department of Energy and Battelle Memorial Institute Prime Contract Cover Page

DOE-Battelle Prime Contract
for the Management and Operation of
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Conformed Contract

NOTE: The files linked below include the PNNL contract and appendices. Modifications that change, delete, or add language to any portion of the prime contract (referred to as "M" Mods) will be posted after execution. Modifications that change the amount obligated by the Government (referred to as "A" Mods) are not posted unless they also change contract language, but are available upon request. These files are provided in this format as a convenience and this is not the official or archival copy of the contract. Although updated frequently, do not assume all modifications are included. The official copy of the contract is maintained by the PNNL Office of General Counsel.

If you have questions, or would like assistance,
please contact at (509) 375-6344.

Section Title Section Last Revised By/Through Mod
1830 Contract Full Document M1017
Table of Contents  
Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract - Standard Form 30
Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs
Description/Specifications/Work Statement
Packaging and Marking
Inspection and Acceptance
Deliveries or Performance
Contract Administration Data
Special Contract Requirements
Contract Clauses
List of Attachments
Advance Understandings on Human Resources
Special Financial Institution Account(s) Agreement For Use with the Payments Cleared Financing Arrangement
Subcontracting Plan for Socioeconomic Programs
List of Applicable DOE Directives & External Requirements
Standards of Performance-Based Fee FY 2014 Battelle Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan for Management and Operations of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Operational Agreement Between the Office of Science, Pacific Northwest Site Office and the Office of Environmental Management, Richland Operations Office
DOE Research and Development Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements
List of Approved Laboratory Facilities (Owned and Leased)
List of Battelle Memorial Institute Legacy Work
Advance Agreement on Costs and Associated Use of Battelle-Owned Facilities and Real Property
Advance Agreement on Costs and Disposition of Battelle Owned Personal Property/Nuclear Materials for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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DOE-Battelle Prime Contract

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